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There are times when I don’t think Aria gets enough appreciation from the fandom at large.

This is Aria T’Loak. She’s voiced by Carrie-Anne Moss. You know, Trinity from the Matrix.

In the middle of the Terminus Systems, considered to be the lawless, most dangerous part of the galaxy, she runs the show. The show. Everyone wants Omega Station. The Shadow Broker, The Illusive Man, you name it, they want what she has. She set up a long con - we’re talking centuries here - on Patriarch (who used to run the place, but no one even remembers his real name anymore because of her) and then decided to keep him around like her own personal pet Scarface.

Do you know what Thane Krios recommends to deal with a krogan? A bomb. But Aria doesn’t give a fuck, because she has the biotics to crush half a krogan skeleton and live to tell the tale. While other asari are busy trading stocks on Illium and dancing on Thessia, she’s running the largest criminal empire from her fine couch in Afterlife. She’s not afraid of Justicars or Ardat-Yakshi. Despite being a thousand years old, she still has her surname because she knows Aria “Don’t Fuck With Me” T’Loak sounds better than Matriarch Aria. Or Aleena. Bioware hasn’t confirmed that one yet.

She’s parked right outside the Omega-4 Relay when everything goes to hell and her response is to punch an Adjutant in the face. What’s an Adjutant? It’s a husk so powerful it broke the Mass Effect 3 physics engine, so they had to just keep it in the comics. Suck on that, TIM.

And then I remember that not everyone follows this blog for Mass Effect and I will slink back into my video games corner after leaving this on your dashboard. Art is by the lovely nihilnovisubsole.

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    Stanning for Aria all day every day. DON’T FUCK WITH ARIA.
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    this is awesome, and Aria is awesome, and yes to all of the above.
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    I love her so much. So, so much.
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    I have barely played Mass Effect, and yet I’m totally in love with her.
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    Aria is one of my favorite characters, hands down.
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    Don’t fuck with Aria.